Advertising Policy

1.The endorsement of any product or service labeled as an advertisement or promotion by a sponsor in a Forum Multimedia Publishing publication is not done by Forum Multimedia Publishing. Furthermore, editorial decisions will be independent of all advertising and commercially sponsored publications. Current or potential sponsors, advertisers, or marketing decisions will not influence editorial decisions. The results of user searches conducted on the site by keyword or search topic are not controlled or influenced by advertisers or sponsors. Commercial or financial interests or any specific arrangements with advertisers or sponsors will not compromise editorial content.

2.Forum Multimedia Publishing reserves the right to refuse any advertisement or web content that is not favorable to it.

3.Forum Multimedia Publishing does not permit advertisements for products or services that are known to harm health, such as tobacco or alcohol products.

4.All published adverts must be verifiable and not deceptive or misleading. Advertisements must clearly identify the advertiser, product or service being offered. Exaggerated or sensational language is not allowed in advertising copy. Advertisements will not be accepted if they contain indecent or offensive text or images or if they relate to personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation or religious issues.

5.Forum Multimedia Publishing does not permit any campaigns that target specific treatments or medications for any article or page related to the advertised product. Advertisers are not allowed to use keywords to link to articles, or target adverts for specific products that appear in the same place and time as the relevant article where they are mentioned. They are also not allowed to quote published articles in the same time frame that the advert is being displayed.

6.Advertisement campaigns for specific medicines must comply with relevant laws governing advertising in the respective country/region. The adverts should promote appropriate and practical use, and should not be misleading or deceptive. When submitting their adverts, advertisers must provide Forum Multimedia Publishing with marketing authorization and a summary of the product's features. In pharmaceutical advertisements, the complete generic name of each active ingredient should be provided. Every page of a prescription medicine advertisement must be precisely marked for health professionals.

7. Advertising that appears in the publisher’s journal will be clearly distinguishable from editorial content.

8.An advertisement can be removed from the journal website if requested by the editor-in-chief or publisher after it has been deployed online.

9.Inquiry regarding any advertisements not included in Forum Multimedia Publishing's conventional advertising sections should be directed to the Editorial Board. The Board will provide a complete and final response within two working days.

10.Furthermore, information regarding complaints about advertising will be incorporated on the advertising page.

Additionally, you may forward any grievances pertaining to the advertisement to the following email address: