Research articles and non-research articles (e.g., Opinion, Review and Commentary articles) must cite appropriate and relevant literature in support of the claims made. Authors should consider the following guidelines when preparing their manuscript:

  • Any statement in the manuscript that relies on external sources of information (i.e., not the authors’ own new ideas or findings) should use a citation.
  • Authors should not copy references from other publications.
  • Authors should ensure that their citations are accurate (i.e., they should ensure the citation supports the statement made in their manuscript and should not misrepresent another work by citing it if it does not support the point the authors wish to make).
  • Authors should not cite sources that they have not read.
  • Forum Multimedia Publishing does not allow citation manipulation to inappropriately increase the number of citations of the authors’ own work, journals they are associated with (including Forum Multimedia Publishing journals), citation rings, their friends and colleagues, their institution, etc.
  • Self-citation is necessary when the submission is closely related to the authors’ previous work, but the authors’ own articles must not be cited for generic statements or to the exclusion of other research groups.
  • Authors should cite sources that have undergone peer review where possible and indicate when non-peer-reviewed articles such as preprints are cited.
  • Authors should not cite advertisements or advertorial material.