Editorial Responsibilities

The Editorial Board Members or Guest Editors of a journal will adhere to the editorial policies of Forum Multimedia Publishing and will not use the journal for their own purposes, such as promoting themselves, their colleagues, or their own institutions, or engaging in schemes to accept bribes or other unethical practices that do not meet Forum Multimedia Publishing publication quality requirements. The Editorial Board Members will have complete responsibility and authority to accept a submitted paper for publication or to reject it. The Editorial Board Members may confer with Guest Editors for an evaluation to use in making this decision.

An Editorial Board Members or Guest Editors should give prompt and unbiased consideration to all manuscripts offered for publication, judging each on its merits without regard to race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors, and respecting the intellectual independence of the authors. Situations that may lead to real or perceived conflicts of interest should be avoided.

The Editorial Board Members or Guest Editors should not disclose any information about a manuscript under consideration to anyone other than reviewers and potential reviewers. Unpublished information, arguments, or interpretations disclosed in a submitted manuscript should not be used in an editor’s or reviewer’s own research except with the consent of the author.

An editor presented with convincing evidence that the substance or conclusions of a published paper are erroneous should promote the publication of a correction or retraction.