Informed Consent Policy

Forum Multimedia Publishing adheres to the ICMJE standards that mandate obtaining proper consent, licensing, and distribution of all research involving human subjects published in Forum Multimedia Publishing publications.

All researchers must ensure that their human subjects research is planned, conducted, and reported in compliance with the revised 2013 Declaration of Helsinki. Authors must adhere to the local review bodies' (e.g., ethics committees, institutional review boards) approvals for research. In case there is any doubt about whether the study was conducted according to the Declaration of Helsinki, the authors should provide a rationale for the methods and illustrate that the local review body approved the questionable aspects of the study explicitly. It should be noted that the approval of a responsible review body does not limit the editor from exercising their own judgement regarding the suitability of the study's conduct.

Furthermore, patients have the right to privacy that should not be violated without obtaining informed consent. Information that can identify individuals such as names, initials, or hospital numbers should not be included in the form of written descriptions, photographs, or genealogies unless it is necessary for scientific purposes and written consent is obtained from the patient (or their parent or guardian). Obtaining informed consent for this purpose necessitates having the manuscript presented to identifiable patients. Authors must also inform these patients whether any potentially identifiable material is available through the Internet or after print publication. Additionally, authors must complete a patient consent form in writing, according to the regulations or laws of the region. They must also provide Forum Multimedia Publishing with a copy of the consent form or evidence of obtaining such permission when requested.

The author should include the following statements in this section:

  • The local ethics committee approved this study, with approval number: No. XXXX. Informed consent was obtained from all individual participants in the study.
  • If a section is not relevant to your manuscript, include the section heading with the label 'Not applicable'.

The author needs responsible for the accuracy of the information in the manuscript.

Failure to obtain informed consent from authors may result in the removal of images from publication or the removal of the paper and replacement with a note explaining the reason for its removal.